Hydra Light was born out of the founders’ desire to commercialise portable, safe and ecologically friendly alternatives to conventional batteries, and commenced operations in May 2014 to design, develop and commercialise Mag-Air technology.

The HydraCell Battery Fuel Cell

The HydraCell is a water-activated oxygen fuel cell that offers longevity of shelf life, extended usage times,
lower operational costs, and operates (and is disposed of) without toxic emissions.

Lightweight: Versus traditional batteries, making them perfect for all outdoor use

Extended use time: Generates its own power when activated, ensuring long use times and up to x10 times the traditional battery

Environmentally friendly: The natural minerals and materials in the HydraCell fuel cell ensure there is no soil contamination in landfill (traditional batteries leak chemicals into the earth for decades) and the outer casing is fully recyclable.

Virtually infinite life: A long and potentially infinite shelf life before activation.