HydraCell Oxygen Fuel Cell


The HydraCell Oxygen Cell is the heart of the HydraCell system.

Dipping the HydraCell in water, for 10 to 15 seconds, moistens the salt impregnated bridge material which creates a connection between the magnesium core and the oxygen in the air, initiating an electrochemical reaction which releases electrons. These electrons are collected by the proprietary carbon membrane cathode and converted into usable DC power.

When kept properly sealed and dry, a new HydraCell can be stored for 25 years or more. When required for use, they are activated to full capacity by simply dipping in water for 10 to 15 seconds to hydrate the bridge material.

Once activated the HydraCell operates continuously under load, requiring only periodic re-hydration.

The bridge layers of the cell are impregnated with salt. The first four to five dips require only freshwater. After the first few dips, if required towards the end of the life of the cell, dipping in warm to hot water, will facilitate the optimal reaction and maintain full power capacity.

In a marine environment, dipping the HydraCellTM in ocean water is acceptable if necessary.

The HydraCell has many advantages over other technologies, particularly traditional dry-cell (alkaline) batteries and kerosene, including:

Power generation:

The HydraCell generates its own power when activated, as opposed to a traditional battery, which stores and releases power.

Virtually infinite life: 

The HydraCell has a long, and potentially infinite, shelf life of many years, prior to activation.

Long use time: 

Once activated in water the HydraCell provides significantly longer usage times.

Environmentally friendly: 

The natural minerals and materials in the HydraCell are consumed during the life of the fuel cell. There is no soil contamination (traditional batteries leak chemicals into the earth for decades) and the outer casing is fully recyclable.

Our technology delivers reliable power when it counts the most.


With a dip in water, HydraCells will produce power for 100 hours or more.

Remove HydraCell from product or packaging.

Dip the entire HydraCell in water for 10 – 15 seconds.

Replace HydraCell in product.

 Make sure  cell is correctly installed and fully seated.


The HydraCell range of products generate their own power when dipped in any water.

This removes the need for batteries and helps to reduce the thousands of batteries going to landfill each year.

With Hydra-Cell technology, you don’t have to worry about generating power through sun or wind, just dip it in water and it is ready to go,rain or shine, day or night.