Our mission is to become a real and commercially viable alternative to dry cell (primary) batteries, thereby removing these poisonous and environmentally dangerous power sources.

Furthermore and somewhat more importantly, we believes that it can provide a real, safe and environmentally friendly power (light) alternative to the over 1.2 billion people that live with no or intermittent electricity, and are dependent on diesel, batteries, and kerosene for their power needs.

The positive environmental and climate changes are compelling.

Our Mission, is to become: 

The world’s preeminent developer, innovator and provider of Mag Air Cell technology and products through direct product and OEM integration.

A real and commercial viable alternative to dry cell (primary) batteries.

Our Vision, is to: 

Provide ”Power When You Need It” for emergency preparedness, disaster relief, off-grid communities, and lifestyle consumers.

Make a difference in the developing nations by providing affordable light and power to the less fortunate.

Ensure that HydraCell becomes a house hold name and a must have accessory and product

Work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEM”), to provide a real alternative to traditional dry cell batteries thereby reducing the overall environmental footprint.